Michael (right) has been manager at Balmoral since establishment in 1988. Seen here showing the plantation to  local member for Toowoomba South, David Janetzki MP




  •  HEALTHY CLIMATE - sunny days, cool nights and clear air on the summit of the Great Dividing Range provide ideal conditions for exceptionally slow fruit growth and ripening.


  • HEALTHY TREES - slow ripening allows accumulation of phyto-nutrients in the fruit, producing the distinctive “buttery-nutty” flavour for which Balmoral Avocados are renowned. Tree growth and nutrition are supervised by a qualified horticulturist who oversees a continuous program of leaf and soil analysis and fertigation. This ensures optimum tree health and production of fruit of the very highest quality.

  • HEALTHY SOIL - The freely draining, volcanic red soil at Balmoral Orchard provides an ideal, disease-free medium in which to grow avocado trees.


  • PLENTIFUL WATER - An abundant supply of fresh water ensures that Balmoral Orchard is fully “drought proofed”.  Run-off surface rain-water is collected by a system of contour banks into dams and this supply is supplemented by bore water if required. 

Balmoral Orchard - top dam


     Lower plantation                 Bottom dam  





  • NATURAL POLLINATION - numerous native "bush" bees are active during flower set in September assisting with pollination.  Also the bees from an on-site apiary aid this process ensuring fruit set.


  • FRUIT SET - fruit set in September - October allows fruit to hang for up to 12 months before harvesting, assisting development of maximum flavour in fruit.


  • THE HARVEST - all fruit are harvested by hand. The low hanging fruit are harvested by teams of ground pickers, while the high hanging fruit are reached by using Nifty Lift telescopic, slew-boom cherry pickers with a reach of 8m.


The harvested avocados are decanted into bins in the paddock before being moved to the cold-store in the pack-house where they are slowly chilled for 12 hours at 8° C






At Balmoral Orchard we apply the following agricultural systems and practices which endeavour to preserve and enhance the pristine environment of the farm:

  • Preservation of belts of natural bush-land to surround the plantation blocks
  • Collection of ground water run-off to augment our on-site bore water resource
  • Computerised soil moisture monitoring allowing water conservation
  • Integrated pest management techniques to minimise spray useage
  • Production and application of mulch to conserve water and maintain tree health
  • Use of renewable energy from our two on-site solar energy plants




Growing, baling and spreading mulch at Balmoral


One of the two solar energy plants at Balmoral

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