Balmoral Pack-House has a one-shift capacity of up to 4,000 trays per day

  • GRADING AND SIZING - Not all fruit make the grade at Balmoral Orchard.  Our grading standards are among the highest in the Australian industry.  Only unblemished fruit are classified, graded and packed as premium grade Balmoral avocados. Each piece of fruit is hand graded by trained staff, after which the fruit is channelled through our APS computerised fruit grader, where it is individually and accurately weighed and sized.



  • PACKING - Balmoral avocados are packed into the attractive and eye-catching 5.5 kg Balmoral branded fruit trays, before being palletised for shipment to markets. The Balmoral brand enjoys market recognition in all Australian markets and retail outlets.


  • SCANNING AND TRACEABILTY  - our Harvest TraceMaster barcode scanning system provides pack-house management efficiency and accuracy to manage all pack house functions including:
    •    Product Receival
    •    Received Bin Scanning
    •    Packing Batch Creation
    •    Pallet Entry Scanning
    •    Cool Store Inventory Management
    •    Product Despatch
    All scanning systems in the Balmoral Pack-house utilise rugged Symbol Scanners, with screen and keypad configuration.  These operate on a wireless network, providing real time information for users in the business network.

  • LABELLING - Individual labels or PLU stickers with bar codes are applied to each piece of fruit by Balmoral's on-line Sinclair labelling system, facilitating retail outlets to scan and ring up the correct price.

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